The Cost of Repairing Mould Issues in Your Home

If you have discovered mould issues in your home and are worried about repairing it, look no further. The costs of removing mould from your home can vary depending on the severity of the fungus, different contractors, and the location. As with many things in a property, mould is an unexpected issue that can hit your finances. However, no matter the cost, mould issues should always be dealt with as soon as possible.

What Determines the Cost

  • Severity –

Smaller, less severe infestations will be cheaper and easier to remove compared to larger infestations of mould.

  • Location –

If the mould is in less accessible spots in your home, it will no doubt be more expensive to remove as the job is more difficult. Roof cleaning Woking for example removes mould and moss from your roof to prevent damage. Different types of work will be needed in tricky places to remove the mould. A professional will use a moisture detector to find any mould around a property and remove it.

  • Contractors –

Whilst you may find cheaper contractors when you are looking for professionals to remove the mould, this may not always be the best option. Cost usually relates to experience level, so more established companies will usually cost more than other options. It may be tempting to save money, but the quality of the work is often shown in the price. In the long term, a better quality job will be more cost-effective.


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