Playing Golf on a Simulator

Virtual driving ranges and golf courses have been developed on simulators for players to practice, learn and play. At a lower cost compared to many outdoor driving ranges and courses, simulators are perfect for improving your swing technique. Virtual golf is played indoors, therefore it can be played at any time of the day during any season, without being affected by weather or light.


The simulators have the choice of many different courses to play on. The golf driving range Surrey for example has a number of world famous courses available that the professionals play on all around the world. Players will have a realistic feel of the game as they test their skills on the major courses. As well as the golf courses, you can also just play on a driving range if you want to practice your skills and swing without the stress of a game. There are also ways of playing short games to practice your distance control, putting, chipping and pitching.

How it Works

On each simulator there are several high-speed cameras set at different angles to create an accurate 3D ball flight model. The powerful lenses have a wide view to capture images of the ball from impact, in the air, and to the screen. On the screen in high quality definition the movement of the ball will show up through the course or driving range until it lands. It is possible to play virtual golf with single or multiple players.

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