Message To The Guys!

There’s one thing she will never forgive you for. Yes, you heard us. She might say she loves you to the moon and back but if you mess up this one subtle detail, you are in a big trouble. Listening guys? Great.

So first things first, you’ve already popped the question (hopefully you did the whole shebang; you know, candlelit dinner next to the beach on some Asian tropical paradise). If so, then we’re good to go.

So she’s been a busy bee of late; her mind is racing with calculated thoughts of her grand vendetta (how many of her mortal enemies can she invite to the wedding so they can wallow in pain and misery?).

There’s Jennifer from the salon (the one she’s always ranting about but all you want to do is reach for the lager in the fridge) and a whole host of ‘venomous snakes’, as she commonly puts it. Now, whatever you do, you’ve got to help her figure out the perfect reception venue for her plan. So support her; lest you want to wake up and find your apartment was set on fire, while some firefighter whisks you away in your pyjamas!

Dean’s place is a great start if you’re searching for a magnificent location to tie the knot. And the wedding venue Lewes will instantly mirror this image for her. It’s considered the quintessential garden reception area; a true haven that strikes an ideal semblance to a tropical paradise right here at home!


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