Finding the Right Stone Tile for Your Floor

For centuries, natural stone has been used as flooring in buildings around the world. Stone tiles bring in the textures and colours of nature in to our homes, as well as warmth and durability like no other flooring material. There is a large choice when it comes to choosing stone tiles, as they are natural they can come in a range of colours, textures and qualities. It is important to buy enough of the tiles to complete the floor and to leave extra all from the same stone tile shop as this will reduce the chance of mismatched stones. If you are trying to find the right stone tile for your floor, here is some useful information.

  • Slate – Most popularly used as a floor tile and is highly resilient. Tends to be dark in colour and the denser the slate the more costly it is.
  • Travertine – Also used commonly as a floor tile and usually has a matte finish. There is a wide choice of colours and patterns, it feels soft underfoot and keeps in warmth more than other stone tiles.
  • Granite – The hardest natural stone that best repels water and holds a shine, but can feel cold underfoot.
  • Marble – Comes in beautiful patterns and is harder and more resilient that other stones but can also scratch and stain if not sealed properly.
  • Limestone – Similar to travertine but harder and more durable. Can look like wood in some designs.

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